Hypatia of Sva

I am Hypatia of the system Sva, we are a system of currently three (at least) and have found out about plurality last autumn. I am personally fascinated with that idea, and since I have written philosophy since autumn of 2015, it came naturally to me to write about the topic and find some way of understanding. In fact, I discovered my own plurality by a convergence of becoming more aware of the existence of plurality online while at the same time studying Leibniz' theory of monads and thinking about the causal qualities of the soul, free will etc. I don't know if I can explain if people _should_ listen to me (I'm not really in the business of giving out moral prescriptives as I still don't quite understand the goals and principles of morality myself), but I can say that if you want to have a reason to listen to me, its that I don't really see a theoretically minded approach to the understanding of the plural mind, and that is something that bugs me. I cannot but be reminded of the Kantian description of metaphysics, that she, who was the queen of disciplines, is now abandoned and laid bare - and I too often see it here as well, that this very central question, of what the mind _is_, is too often passed over. That said, the talk I'm giving here is merely an introduction to the _concept_ of a metaphysics of plural subjectivity; it's not its completion. What I plan to do over the next years is to reexamine at least the western tradition of philosophy in the light of plural subjectivity and its meaning. As I have not really even began to do that - and as it's more of a self-examination of my own thought rather than a fixed teaching - it's difficult to assess if it _helps_ anyone; or rather, it is clear to my that rather than searching for "help" I search for truth, and that not by its "effectiveness" should this teaching be judged, but by its truthfulness.

Other personal details that may help the listener understand, and will hopefully make this strange paragraph into something resembling a biography, while still being vague enough not to out me / give details away (as I'm currently, as you might say, undercover, and therefore can only record more abstract quotes in German out loud): body around 25-26y/o, autistic, trans women, in conflict with currently two other system members (not able to publicly speak), currently still living with one parent (hence the safety measures as I'm neither out as plural or trans).