Donations for Plural Events

Donate through The Plural Association Nonprofit website

Thank you for considering donating to Plural Events.

Plural Events is a grassroots volunteer-run project. We are not incorporated at this time; we get no grant money, have no paid positions, and most of the projects we do are backed by the sweat equity (labor, volunteer work, time, spoons, etc.) of a few generous plurals.

Some examples of past donated fund spending by Plural Events:

  • Online services such as Zoom to hold longer than 40 minute sessions and directly transmit our video feed to YouTube (just for during the conference)
  • Transcription services for videos (which still need correction by volunteers afterwards)
  • Tabling fees for in-person events
  • Social media post scheduling services
  • Domain name renewal

To leverage our time, run more events throughout the year, provide giveaways or informational hand-outs at live events, attend more events, offset volunteer expenses, etc. we would appreciate community support and funding. Once we are making a demonstrable and significant impact, we can also consider whether incorporation and applying for grant money is a feasible option — but grantors will want to see that impact and know we are making a difference, so your funds will help us expand our reach and touch more plurals, raise more awareness of plurality, etc. Raising funds ourselves can give rise to sponsorships, donation matching, or outright grants to continue to deliver vital information and value to the community.