Worldwide Video PSA Project

(PSA = Public Service Announcement)

This international plural video project is to help reach people worldwide via the medium of video who may not have good information about plurality & DID in a forum that does not require that people be literate or understand English. The hope is to have a fully accessible project and increase awareness, access, and accuracy about plurality and DID.

We are seeking individuals to help translate and record a passage about plurality and its overlap with DID so that a native speaker can record it and it can be disseminated freely online to help educate people about both plurality and DID. We are hoping to start breaking the myths around plurality, and many languages and cultures have no information available online about plurality at all.

Thank you for considering helping with this project. If you’re monolingual or cannot otherwise help with translation and recording, please consider a donation to help fund our efforts at KO-FI!

If you can help with the project, please email us below:



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