Plural Pride Day

Saturday July 16th, 2022 #PluralPride. We Think & Therefore We Are. #PluralAcceptance, #PluralPride. For more info check: (
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Plural Pride Day is the 3rd Saturday of July.

In 2023, Plural Pride Day, celebrating those who are many in one body, will be July 15th. Plural Acceptance Week is from Monday July 10th 2023 to Sunday July 16th 2023. The Plural Associaton will also be holding the Plural Positivity World Conference on the same week, with many events online and sessions that will be free to the public and available even after the conference is over.

For past year's sessions, check out the Conference Archives!

Why Pride?

We come together to celebrate a broad concept of pride. The feedback from the community includes people who embrace the concept outright, and others who feel uncomfortable being proud to be a system i.e they don't want to conflate pride in being a plural system with pride in the manner of their creation, conception or evolution.

Anyone's interpretation of Plural Pride is accepted:

  • proud to have survived
  • acceptance of ourselves and the global community to be welcomed as plural
  • we exist and we are here and have a space in the world
  • proud of our headmates for various reasons
  • a chance to be loud and demand access and recognition
  • celebrating teamwork and internal community
  • [your individual or group reason here]

We can have Plural Pride all year, so the purpose of Plural Pride Day is to build awareness, education and acceptance of plurality as a neurodivergence within the global community. Hopefully we can build some stronger connections and awareness from Plural Acceptance Week and Plural Pride Day.