Plural Acceptance Week (PAW)

Plural Acceptance Week Monday July 11th till Sunday 17th 2022. Plural Pride Day Saturday July 16th 2022.   #PluralPride
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Plural Acceptance, liberating those who are many in one body, is the week of the 3rd Saturday of the month (Plural Pride) of July every year. The next Plural Pride Day will be Saturday, July 16th, 2022. We will be simultaneously holding the Plural Positivity World Conference that week.

Plural Acceptance Week 2021

Plural Acceptance Week 2020

For 2020 we simultaneously held the Plural Positivity World Conference during Plural Acceptance Week. The conference is over, but feel free to check out the sessions (they're all still available) from 2019 or 2020.

Tune in to Plural Events on YouTube for our PAW videos!!

Plural Acceptance Week is a worldwide event that came about from a survey and consultation with community members in several groups from around the web regarding the need for acceptance and Plural Pride. Throughout the week there will were educational/interviews/resources shared, and other activities. The Saturday of Plural Acceptance Week each year is Plural Pride Day.

Plural Acceptance Week 2019

Monday - Introduction video including why Plural Awareness Week came to be, the difference between Plural Awareness and Plural Pride. Power to the Plurals & The Crisses & The Elephant Journals System

Chat on plurality and a brief overview of those within the umbrella of plurality. Video with Power to the Plurals & The Crisses & The Elephant Journals System

Tuesday - On Traumagenic Tuesday we join the #DIDchat on Twitter!

Will be talking about experiences as a traumagenic system and what traumagenic systems see as major issues. Video with The Elephant Journals System, Sapphic Bouquet, Power to the Plurals & the Crisses.

Wednesday - Quoigenic Wednesday — about quoigenic systems. Video with Sapphic Bouquet.

System composition, system member origin. Video with Power to the Plurals & the Crisses.

Thursday - Join in on #EnGenChat on Twitter!

co-consciousness, communication, community, acceptance, inclusion, open-mindedness, endogenic & tulpa systems. Video with the Crisses.

Community contribution: Melody Gardenia — a tulpa system on their endogenic / tulpa experiences in the community and world

Community contribution: Cambrian Crew — Endogenic & tulpa systems

Friday - Foundational Friday — issues co-occurring with plurality.

The Crisses discusses co-occurring issues, and introduce today's theme, the challenges of getting health care or medical care for some plurals, and other common issues.

Sarah Clark from Power to the Plurals Q&A today inAlterNation on Facebook. If you are not a member yet, answer the group questions and you will be let in before the event starts at 3pm EST.

#FollowFriday and #PAW on Twitter.

Saturday - Plural Pride Day

Sarah Clark's Plural Pride celebration live stream on their own youtube channel.

Sapphic Bouquet's live Q&A on Twitch.

Sunday - Sarah Clark of Power to the Plurals and The Elephant Journals System discuss poly-fragmented systems, their features and potential origins.