Plural Positivity World Conference

Sunday July 18, 2022

(exact dates/times TBD based on submitted & accepted presentations)

DID you know: Living a fulfilling & happy life is very well possible for Plurals! Plurals can be found in all classes of societies, all over the world. And anyone from the corner store barista to the executive board director you meet, could be Plural.
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About the Conference

The Plural Positivity World Conference is a collaborative and inclusive venture with participants from throughout the plural community originally framed as a peaceful protest of exclusion (both by fee and design) of most plurals and the ?clients? of the conference professionals from the ISST-D conferences. The ISSTD (International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation) is the research, psychology and psychiatry policy makers who claim to be the saviors of our traumagenic cohort. They have not asked the people they supposedly serve for feedback at a research, goal, treatment, industry ethics, or policy level.

Plurality in terms of this conference is inclusive, and we are gathering to show support for traumagenic and DID/OSDD-diagnosed and self-diagnosed plurals against industry oppression.

Traumatized plurals congregate online (in much larger groups than the ISST-D researchers have access to), do their own (usually lay, but not always) research, read researcher?s papers & studies, incorporate that which works, and enjoy a flexibility of being able to switch lenses from psychology when it fails them and branch off into other bodies of work that are helpful for them: self-help, self-improvement, recovery, spirituality, shamanism, holistic healing, collaboration between systems, and pass along a body of knowledge about what works and does not work for them with much more flexibility and much faster than the industry can. Many traumagenic plural systems still work with professionals, but would prefer to work with them as equals, not as persecutors and gatekeepers, a dominating and exclusive club that ?knows what is best for us.?

This ?counter-conference? provides a venue for peer self-help and sharing of information between plurals of various types to share our best-in-show knowledge and materials with each other. In the spirit of accessibility and free as in beer, most sessions will be recorded or otherwise shared after the event wherever possible, and transcripts provided or closed captions corrected, thus adding to our overall library of useful materials and proving that we really are experts in our own experiences and what we need. Apologies that the conference will be in English, and we are hoping that we might work up a body of bilingual volunteers to correct translated transcripts and captions in the future.

Another enormous failing of the industry is the lack of acceptance of peer professionals. Many people become professionals due to personal lived experience, or discover their plurality after becoming professionals, and in addition to any complications that may cause on an internal level, the industry has not accepted that someone can both be plural and a professional. This is how we know we are oppressed by those who claim to serve us; they are instead our jailers and gatekeepers. This oppression, stigmatization, denouncement and disapproval needs to end, so the amazing and knowledgeable masses of peer professionals are accepted and appreciated for their unique ability to contribute an insider?s point of view to the industry. Carl Jung was likely plural, for example. But dissent and shame cause many plural professionals to be gagged and repress their first-hand wisdom.

The hope in creating this conference is that plurals will be seen as valid contributors on behalf of our own community and openly welcomed and invited to the table to share our wisdom and perspectives: boardrooms, planning meetings, research teams, etc. and that professionals will realize that we hold wisdom they lack, and insight they are unable to achieve without us. Back to the Disability Movement and Mental Health/Psychiatric Survivor Movement saying: ?Nothing about us without us.?

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