Plural Positivity World Conference 2023

The event will take place 3rd week of May, 2023, specific dates to be announced later.

Call for Presenters 2023 is open - Deadline is January 15, 2023

See Plural Pride Day for activities on Saturday July 15th, 2023.

The conference is being run by The Plural Association. For announcements, calls for presenters, etc. please see their website and sign up on their email list for announcements.

Please check out past year's sessions in our Session Archive. For folks with accessibility issues please see the session lists here.

DID you know: Living a fulfilling & happy life is very well possible for Plurals! Plurals can be found in all classes of societies, all over the world. And anyone from the corner store barista to the executive board director you meet, could be Plural.
Feel free to distribute, as is.

Inclusive, Online, Free, Recorded Sessions