Plural: Neurodiversity, Neurominority


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Saturday, May 20, 2023

This session explores the Neurodiversity paradigm and engages with how plurality fits into that paradigm and what it really entails, including the concept of mind and self and what opportunities it may provide for the future.

Bio Obscura

Obscura came to know herselves at a fairly young age via spiritualist practices that continued to develop through her teenage years, but that understanding truly blossomed after fae were able to finally affirm her gender(s). Obscura aims to empower plurals by providing insight into plural existence outside the medical model and countering those narratives in psychology and medicine that are used to invalidate and dismiss us all. She has degrees in Philosophy and Physics but now uses those as a basis to engage with Philosophy of Mind and Psychology, as well as with Cognitive Science more broadly. Obscura is currently waiting with bated breath to see whether the paper on Neurodiversity for which she is a contributor is published. She also holds regular meetups both locally and with The Plural Association that provide a space for plurals to be themselves and develop their own selves-understanding.