Out and Proud and Plural: The Path Forward for Eliminating Shame in the Clinical Profession

Dr. Jamie+ Marich

On YouTube: https://youtu.be/z2054iwJAD4

Friday, May 19, 2023

Clinical professionals with dissociative identities and experiences still face a tremendous degree of backlash for being out about their lived experiences. Dr. Jamie+ explores the problem in this presentation and proposes some hopeful solutions.

As Jamie+ often teaches, if clinicians experience this sense of discrimination and the impact of stigma within the field, consider what this means for how society at large regards mental health issues and dissociative disorders. The issue of being out and proud and plural is for all of us who identify as plural, whether or not we are clinical professionals. The talk encourages all of us to look at the sources of shame, which can include not feeling “plural enough” on one side, or feeling too broken and damaged on the other side, to not be fully seen.

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Bio Dr. Jamie+ Marich

Dr. Jamie+ Marich is most recently the author of "Dissociation Made Simple" (2023) and other books in the field of trauma recovery. She is trauma therapist, EMDR trainer, and educator who is public about her lived experience with dissociative identitites.