Multiplicity as a Vital Part of Nature

Voices of JARVIS

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Friday, May 19, 2023

Multiplicity is not only happening in our heads, it is happening all around us in nature. In this session, we will show a few exciting examples of cooperation and collective behaviour, from the smallest cells to large groups of animals. The perspective on multiplicity through the lens of natural science inspires us to feel more acceptance towards ourselves as yet another complex system of nature, and we hope to spark similar inspiration in other Plurals as well. (Our talk is meant to be understandable, regardless of your& educational background!)

Bio Voices of JARVIS

For one reason or another, we became natural scientists and feel very passionate about nature and teaching, as well as cultural diversity. We aim to cultivate acceptance and understanding, and help making education and research more accessible for all. As a self-discovered system, it is especially important to us to empower other Plurals and raise awareness about plurality in all its forms and colours. We love sharing our knowledge and what inspires us for an empowered plural life.