Building Internal and External Community

Crystals Multifaceted

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Friday, May 19, 2023

A discussion of the ways we (Crystals) have built internal and external community.

Bio Crystals Multifaceted

Crystals recognized and has been getting to know and work together as a collective for over 13 years. She/They identify as traumagenic and have found that while being a “we” is not without challenges, it is also rewarding and has been a brilliant way of responding to an unbearable situation. Crystals started Multifaceted Journeys in 2022 to provide support to plurals, education for providers, and bring awareness of the prevalence of plurality to the world. Much of the work they do is focused on emotional acceptance and comes out of their own learning, supportive therapeutic experiences, and time spent in supportive communities.

Crystals graduated from John F. Kennedy University with a MA in Counseling Psychology. They’ve spent many years in the mental health field both as a client and as a counselor. This gives them unique insight into the healing process. They use a plethora of creative modalities including visual art, fiction writing, drama, and sand tray to help people access and express the deeper aspects of themselves.