Working while Plural: Accommodations, Automations, and Disclosure in the workplace

The Arcades

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Friday, July 15, 2022

Multiplicity - in particular, DID - presents unique challenges for knowledge workers and white-collar professionals who must rely on interpersonal relationships and information gathered over time to be successful in their role. Between sudden shifts in attitude, notetaking, and navigating the communication styles of teammates, systems face an uphill climb to managing their jobs and career. And while disclosure can help make that journey easier, managing system expectations and making the coming-out process as smooth as possible comes with its own unique challenges. The Arcades have melded tools from both their trans experience and their 10 years of experience as an Agile Coach in the software development space to make that climb a little bit easier. Join them as they share their story of coming out as a system in tech leadership, review the hurdles they experienced while adjusting to working as a system with memory gaps, and share tools that they found useful for accommodating their specific needs. Attendees will receive a sample presentation they can use for education within their own company, automation ideas to show their system status to teammates in chat apps, and learn how to leverage the deep library of Agile and Scrum activities to improve their communication as a system.


The Arcades

The Arcades have built a career in software development as a scrum master and agile coach - in other words, they herd engineer cats. Outside of the professional world they write novels you can buy on Amazon.