When Role Models are Hard to Find, Become Your Own

Marc Chamentzky and his chorus

On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn0V0Q4EZC8&t=2s

Friday, July 15, 2022

TW: parental neglect and abuse, depression with suicidality, parental illness.

When people seek to understand major changes in their lives, they often seek out online communities. They are in search of people who "look like them", those folk with whom they can connect due to shared understandings and experiences. It helps them feel less alone as they go through something they've never encountered before. One of the major challenges with DID is that each person's experience with it is unique. Finding others who have been in situations like you can be challenging. Marc will share his experience as an older guy discovering and learning about his plurality where the incidence of DID in women with DID is nine times higher than men, and finding other older guys to relate to can be challenging. By presenting his experience, he hopes to reach out to others who may be searching for someone who looks like them.


Marc Chamentzky and his chorus.

Marc is a software engineer who, at age 55, discovered that that inner monologue he'd been having was actually a conversation between him and his parts. Over the next several months, he worked to understand how DID impacts him and get to a place where he can figure out how to move forward. One thing he quickly discovered is that there were not many examples of DID out there that "looked like him", as an older guy discovering his plurality later in life.