Retired Persecutors: Plural Perspectives on Selves-Harm Reduction

ΝΥΞ, Nsashaell System, El System

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Friday, July 15, 2022

TW: Physical and emotional self-harm; reference to suicidality; imagined violence; nightmares. (more trigger warnings are at the start of the video)

Mercy of the Sorority and Susarin of Nsashaell and The El System share their unique perspectives on selves-harm reduction. As system members who are often stereotyped and sanitized the presenters speak about values, share their stories, and explore their changing relationships with their systems and themselves.


Mercy (The Sorority)

Mercy Sukhoija (she/her) is a sister of ΝΥΞ (Nu Upsilon Xi), better known as The Sorority. As her sisterhood's "Tertiary Regulator" and "Lead Responder", Mercy "Restores Balance" to the system when it is lost by any means necessary. When describing her methods she refers herself as a "Retired Persecutor". It is unknown whether or not this in irony.

Susarin (Nsashaell)

Susarin (she/her) is a member of Nsashaell System, a system of plural activists who previously ran Plurality Resource Forum. Susarin was antagonistic towards her system in the past, but has been working towards a more beneficial relationship with her systemmates over the past decade. She is now in charge of the spiritual team and also assists with emotional regulation and control of nightmares.

El System

The El System is a larger, mixed-origin system that reached selves-awareness in 2010. Since then, they have learned to get along and earned their masterís in a mental health field. When they are not working, they typically engage in creative projects like this one to better understand one another.