Plurality & Harm Reduction

Vulpes Automata

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Sunday, July 17, 2022

TW: Self-harm. (others mentioned in disclaimer at start of session)

Harm reduction is term and philosophy that is growing in acceptance in many circles, as strategy that aims to reduce the harms associated with certain behaviors. This could range from how folks use substances, have relationships, or living any aspect of life that has a risk. For plural folks, this can take on some unique challenges. These risks are not always known or expected until after something happens. Join Vulpes Automata for a discussion on harm reduction for plural folks, from a point of living experiences. Topics will include the various areas harm reduction can help folks, how to discuss and work with system members to identify areas where harm reduction could benefit the system, how to form a harm reduction strategy, and also considering unique scenarios specific to the plural experience through the lens of harm reduction. (Content advisory – This discussion will include topical discussion of substance use as fact, relationships & intimacy as fact, and overall topics of emotional and body health. A de-emphasis will be placed on presenting this discussion as aligned with medical models overall, or promoting approaches that emphasize abstinence.)


Vulpes Automata

Vulpes Automata (Nouns – [the] doll/fox/elf, {it/its} “Ask!”) is Recovery Support Specialist, Certified Hypnotist, and EMT from Connecticut, US, and self-identifying member of the neurodiversity, queer, trans, plural, otherkin, therian, & transhumanist communities. It is an advocate for these groups, along with mind-body health & wellness and peer support. It is also a Hearing Voices Network (HVN) and Harm Reduction Works facilitator.