Invisible Plural Activism: changing together

the Redwoods

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Sunday, July 17, 2022

TW: Activist burnout, plural burnout, some discussions struggling emotionally and economically, highs and lows. Acknowledgement of Plurals trapped in difficult to escape situations.

Illuminate the unseen daily struggle of individual systems to survive and thrive. Others may seem to have "succeeded" or figured it out because of their perceived virality on social media or cool partners, job, family, friends, job. But even visible systems have invisible work to do. Because we are a population often erased and hidden even from ourselves, consider that daily efforts of private system life are a unifying experience at the heart of plural activism. As sometimes very visible activists, the Redwoods will reflect on the more private moments of their life together, and how it is those unseen moments that give them the power to occasionally reach large numbers of people. More importantly, whether these are years-long eras of doubt and despair, or seconds of internal coordination before stepping on stage, unseen plural life can itself be a source of positive transformation.


the Redwoods

they/them Plural,

the Redwoods are plural activists. Out since 2012 and engaged in plural advocacy since 2016 including: presenting at 20+ conferences from 2017-2020, speaking up on social media, organizing plural meetups in person and online, and appearances on BBC Radio and that viral Anthony Padilla video. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have around a dozen system members, and are also trans. Their latest quieter adventure is working in tech sales and marketing as openly plural. They believe a plural social movement will make the world better for everyone.