In Our Own Way: Jung, Inner worlds, and trauma recovery


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Friday, July 15, 2022

TW: Christianity, occult mentions.

One of the forefathers of modern psychology was quite likely plural. By relating Carl Jung's experiences in the Liber Novus and the Black Books to our own journals of the past and present we discovered that many plurals already have a natural but often overlooked tool in our inner worlds to help ourselves recover from complex trauma.



Obscura is a transfeminine plural system of over 20 members. She was struck with the opportunity to begin reclaiming her identity in 2019 after it was sealed away a decade earlier. Since then she has become a mental health first aider and completed complex trauma professional development courses, but discovered that she had already developed the skills from the life she had lived thus far. In the future Obscura plans to continue working towards making her communities a safer space for plurals.