Hope Among Turmoil

Mosaic System

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Sunday, July 17, 2022

TW: Will briefly mention history of incest, childhood sexual abuse, ritualistic abuse, and human trafficking, will not go into any details about these events but believe an understanding of the premise of our childhood is important.

We will share our personal story of struggling in adulthood to cope with childhood trauma and how we came to be diagnosed with DID. We will share how we came to understand and accept the diagnosis and how we have worked with our numerous alters to develop an internal system that allows for significant levels of co-consciousness and overlapping. We will share our successes professionally and personally with sharing our diagnosis and fighting the stigma that is so prevalent. We hope that sharing our experiences will instill hope in those who have been recently diagnosed or who are struggling to create a system that works well together. We have met many individuals with DIDs who were, at the time, unable to maintain relationships or employment, or even complete basic daily tasks, and we want to convey that there is hope. We are not broken, we are a collection of amazing entities who each have a purpose and who deserve to be known and loved.


Mosaic System

My name is Hannah and I am the host of the Mosaic system. We are a system of 6 adults and 5 littles and were first diagnosed with DID in 2013. We work as a social worker with youth experiencing homelessness and also do mental health crisis work through the National Crisis Text Line in the U.S.