Finding a therapist

Crystals Multifaceted

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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Most often the wounds that we go to therapy for come from relational trauma, which is healed in the context of relationship. This is why it’s important to find someone trustworthy with whom you can build a connection. If you’ve experienced early childhood trauma you need someone who’s able to be with whatever you need to talk about in the session. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to hear the horrors of abuse while remaining fully present. Working with a trained trauma specialist to process a difficult childhood can be a profoundly healing experience.

As more and more people need emotional support finding a therapist is becoming increasingly difficult. We will discuss how to identify what you need, connect with your intuition so you can know quickly if it is a good fit, and how to advocate for yourself. We talk about societal reasons why it's hard to find a therapist for Dissociative Identity Disorder, Complex PTSD and how this in turn complicates things for people will other forms of plurality. Finally we will look at ways to heal and find hope during the search.


Crystals Multifaceted

Crystals spent over two decades in the mental health field both as a client and as a counselor. This gives them unique insight into the healing process. They use a plethora of creative modalities including visual art, fiction writing, drama, and sand tray to help people access and express the deeper aspects of themselves.

They have experience creating and facilitating support, educational, and process groups and have worked individually with children, teens, adults, and seniors. They have been actively doing the work of healing from trauma and getting to know her system for 12 years. She is pictured with her Service Dog Labradoodle Bayless.