Destigmatizing Plurality - Within and Without


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Sunday, July 17, 2022

TW: Trauma/Dysphoria/Stigma

We are a public system and we are known as ourselves in all our social and professional circles. This wasn't an easy journey, and we had to approach coming out differently to our different circles - back in India, and in Canada, and on the internet. Each social circle, age group, interest group, gender and cultural background had to be approached in a different way, and the questions that arose from it were varied and interesting, including some people discovering their own plurality. Through this session we would love to share each of our experiences about approaching our own plurality with each other and with the world and with ourselves and how this discovery can help others.



We are a BIPOC public relations professionals, professional writers, authors, poets, filmmakers, photographers, and illustrators. We are a co-conscious cluster of 8, and it's been just over a year since we've gone fully co-conscious. Before that we've spent nearly 25 years being co-aware of each other (1 or 2 others per headmate), and we come from a religious, pluralistic background. Through our extensive inner world and our reliance on all-science to understand our inner and outer experiences, and through conversations, we have developed an innate understanding of our plurality and the place of plurality in the world.