Service Dogs for PTSD & DID (Cancelled)

Luna System (Staley)

We deeply apologize; this session was cancelled.

Content Warning: live session. Unknown.

How Service Dogs are changing the lives of people with psychiatric disorders. How people can go about getting a service dog, training their own and what the ADA Laws for service dogs are. I would also like to discuss easy handling instructions for Littles, if they switch and have to handle their dog.

I was a service dog trainer in Texas, USA, and have trained many service dogs.


We are the Luna System and we are a professional dog trainer. Service Dogs are our passion and we have trained many types of dogs for many types of psychiatric needs. We have even trained dogs for children handlers and want to help your littles gain a firm grasp on how to properly/ safely handle your dog.

As a trainer, we are always the first point of contact our clients have as an ADA advocate. So, we know your rights and want to make sure you know them too.