Parts v. People: Singular Centrism and Plural Oppression

The Crisses

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Saturday, July 18, 2020 - Plural Pride Day – 10:30am - 12:00pm EDT

Content Warning: There is a lot of discussion about what it means to be a person and NOT be a person, and some terms are used to set an example of humans and beings whom have had person-status withheld by society and this may be triggering. Note that Buck introduces the concept of "What is NOT a person" and calls this list "Word-association tango" in case you need to put down your headset for a minute. Also, Buck curses. He tries to keep the cursing to a minimum for the presentation. The curses are beeped with a non-standard milder tone than usual censorship.

The Crisses, being born with the last name "Ittermann", have had their fill of schoolyard dehumanization and spots several troubling issues with the psychiatric industry insistence on calling us "parts" and not "people". Buck & Justin (with some input from Moonlite) will take us through a review of the philosophical idea of "person" and "personhood" with many examples of singular-centric points of view from the medical models used to explain plurality, the biases, prejudices, and the stereotypes fed to various cultures through the media. They touch on the effects it has on internalized singular centrism, the plural self/selves-image, internal wars, oppressing headmates, and will outline some ideas for what to do about it, to make space and peace, inside and out.




Life coach & plural activists, sharing selves-help materials mostly on building & maintaining internal community for fellow plurals, admin of the wiki site, with courses available at and coaching services available through System curriculum vitae and link hub at

The Crisses are an autistic, disabled, non-binary, gender-fluid, plural-identified quoigenic DID-diagnosed polyfragmented modular system with about 157+ system members of a wide variety of types. They are geeks, authors, content creators, instructors, healers, coaches, and mental health advocates. They have hEDS, CIDP, Reynaud’s syndrome, several other related issues, and are transition opportunists. They live in upstate New York in the USA, and moonlight as a pet sitter.

Aliessa of Crisses is our "elected" core. She's a centuries-old but still tree-young dryad who believes that love wins out over everything. She's our heart, inspiration, and one of our most adored headmates.

Almerissa of Crisses is a system protector, the first known system introject to front, and is mainly in charge of internal landscaping in our system.

Buck of Crisses, a cis-male protector and former internal persecutor, is willing to throw his privilege around and make waves to open doors for those with less access and privilege, and has been taking a leadership role in the Crisses’ advocacy and activism efforts.

Chrissy of Crisses is one of our deeper manager residents who can help connect people for internal communication and conduits.

Dreal of Crisses is one of their crew of healers, a shamanic & reiki practitioner, and trained life coach.

Faun of Crisses, Buck’s twin sister, as far as we know was born to this body and created our derivation maps, having been around for a very long time.

Justin of Crisses is a joker of all trades, doesn''t seem to take much seriously except the things he does, and has a rule of poking fun at himself or inanimate objects (often talking to them and asking them to please stay put), not people.

Moonlite of Crisses, deaf and mute, takes the role of an internal self-helper, speaks American Sign Language (ASL) as a second language, writes, and works with Chrissy, Star & Dreal on self-help materials.

Star of Crisses is another healer, a wise woman herbalist, reiki practitioner, and life coach as well as one of the first people to appear in the Crisses’ system.

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