How Making Comics Can Help Plural Systems

Serenity Serseción PhD

Premier at

Thursday, July 16, 2020 – 6:30pm - 8:00pm EDT

Content Warning: none known.

The presentation will focus on how using art, specifically comic book making, can help systems. Some of the ways making comics can be useful is to gain insight into yourselves, your system, provide education and resources for friends and family, communicate with each other, represent yourselves visually and more. It also is a different way to discuss difficult topics with people within the system and out, which may be harder to express verbally. Another benefit, is the feeling of accomplishment when completing a project. Comics are also useful to document a specific period in life, allowing a potentially easier way to go back and reflect on the past, to aid with processing and mental health work in the future.


They/Them, Level Up Psychotherapy

Dr. Serseción is a plural, genderqueer, bilingual, Puerto Rican, and licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Serseción has a private practice which focuses on the plural community, people of color, sexual and gender minorities, and people in various subcultures (kink, poly, furry, fandoms). Clinical focuses are depression, anxiety, trauma, and dissociation. They have worked as a clinician in various sites such as universities, community mental health agencies, hospitals and more. They were previously an interim director at a local LGBTQ+ specialty clinic. In addition to supervising new doctoral student clinicians and teaching psychology, and diversity courses at various universities for over 5 years. Regarding teaching and workshops, they focus on many multicultural topics such as cross-cultural psychology, the psychology of gender and community mental health; in addition to integrating multicultural topics into all their courses. They also teach other clinicians about working with plural systems from an intersectional and trauma-informed perspective.