KEYNOTE — Extraordinary Normalcy: The Myth of Rarity, Plural Erasure and Our Right to Community

Pride, Mercy, & Liberty (ΝΥΞ)

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First Aired: Monday July 13, 2020 - 1:30pm EDT

Content Warning: This presentation does have visual content, much of which is either read directly by the presenter or adequately described by the presenter to maintain value for visually impaired attendees. There may be some content that loses context without the visuals, but the presentation does not solely rely on visual aides.

Traditionally, Plurals have often been discouraged and even prevented from gathering in fellowship outside the context of professionally sanctioned venues related to mental health treatment. This infringes upon our basic human right to have a community of our own, on our own. This session will explore how attempts at erasure by the Psychiatric Establishment translates into real-world harm to Plurals, and why these attempts to keep us apart will ultimately fail.

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ΝΥΞ (Nu Upsilon Xi, better known as “The Sorority”) is a Plural sisterhood based in the US. They describe their own experience of Plurality as “Multiplicity”. In the past, they did not believe in DID because of how it was portrayed by both the media and mainstream academia as rare and bizarre. Their disbelief ceased and their understanding began when they found a radically different perspective. Discovering they were Plural/Multiple wasn't as much of a shock compared to their surprise finding out other people were not. They are now activists both on and offline; advocating for the right to Community, which has been historically denied to Plurals; specifically those with DID/OSDD.

In their professional life, they oversee state-level mental healthcare policies. They are open in their plurality to their coworkers, colleagues and counterparts.

Pronouns: individual, she/her; collectively, they/them (plural).