Worldwide Issues and Advocacy Panel

Panelists: Andrea (Mexico), The Elephant Journals System (Australia), Serenity Serseción PhD (Puerto Rico), Power to the Plurals - Sarah& Clark - Sarah& Clark (Netherlands), The Sapphic Bouquet (Canada)
Moderator: The Crisses

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What are the issues for plurals in other areas of the world? What is access to medical care, therapy, specialized programs, specialists, etc. like? What is the cultural climate like around the world when it comes to accepting or rejecting plurality? How is plurality, in general, portrayed in the media in your country? Do you have any positive examples of plural acceptance in your area or region? What frustrations do you have about US-centric or English-centric literature, studies, focus, etc.? How can your country improve in terms of plural acceptance and inclusion? Do you have any advice for non-US plural systems?