Supporting Plurals

Jim Bunkelman

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Content Warning: Content Warning: Personal, emotional, story. May contain descriptions of trauma, oppression and abuse.

Jim, as a Singlet, has come to develop his own understanding of Plurals from his personal experiences and thoughts as an expert-by-experience in supporting plural systems. Each person experiences their world differently. He will give examples of different ways for lovers, partners, spices, friends, caseworkers, advocates, allies, and peers to help support people who fit under the plural umbrella. He will cover basic concepts about how different system might work, & talk about some of the myths, especially the media-induced myth of violence.


"I was married to a multiple for fifteen wonderful years. I have a degree in physics and mathematics from the University of California. I taught math, science, and drama at a junior high school for four years. I now have my own company creating video and motion and still graphics for corporate clients. After my wife passed away in 2012, I decided that I had been given a gift of experience with a woman who's system contained over 70 people and one loving dog. I wanted to help educate the general public about Multiplicity. I have been interviewed by the Multiplicity 101 podcast, Vice Magazine, and NPR (that's not my photo) concerning my experiences and relationship with my wife's system. I have spoken at the Infinite Mind Conference in Orlando, Florida the last three years, and I consider myself a plural activism ally.