Is Dissociation Always Maladaptive?

The Sapphic Bouquet

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Is Dissociation Such a Bad Thing? Therapists commonly vilify all forms of dissociation; whether mild or severe. Featuring a discussion of the definition of "dissociation", the history of the word, and how the current understanding of dissociation by professionals is not adequate: based on both our experiences and psychology papers. Finally we will talk about when dissociation becomes maladaptive, and how to define that in a person/system-centered way.


The Sapphic Bouquet is a quoigenic system of six, transgender, autistic, and multiply disabled. Their goal is to advocate for a better future where plural systems are not stigmatized by the media. Whether that is by writing informative articles; or fantasy fiction that includes plural representation. Some of the Sapphic Bouquet are writers and have a blog at,