Everything you want to know about Dissociative Identity Disorder 101 and healing with the 3 C's.

Power to the Plurals - Sarah& Clark

On YouTube at https://youtu.be/1faFXNEhXq0

Content Warning:

In this session we share everything we wish we had known when we were diagnosed. We share our personal experience, including our lows and our highs, alongside facts about DID and OSDD. We talk about what causes DID. We discuss what healing DID means and talk about the Three Cs: Communication, Co-operation and Co-consciousness.


Sarah& Clark from the Stronghold System is a polyfragmented, polyamorous queer, DID Plural advocate and activist, living in and working from the Netherlands. Their system speaks fluent Dutch and English, and some of them also speak French and Bahasa Indonesian. After being unable to finish their last year of education, a Dutch equivalent of a B.Sc. in Psychology, due to mental health issues, they traveled the world to make it a better place, one child at a time. They had many public speaking opportunities and helped to start a school in Indonesia, which is still going strong! Becoming a parent is just one of the many blessings of their fruitful life. Sarah& were diagnosed with DID in 2012, after which they have been professionally trained in hypnosis and guided meditation. They also have been self-studying dissociative disorders for the past 7 years. You might know them from YouTube or from AlterNation, a Facebook support group for those on the dissociative spectrum. Their website https://powertotheplurals.com aims to provide accurate information and personal opinion pieces on various topics surrounding Plurality, DID, trauma & dissociation.