The Rindawick System

We are Rindawick. We are young, only 18 years old, and we've known about being plural for a few years now. Trauma is in our shadow. We qualify for DID, but we don't view our plurality alone as a disorder. The affects of our trauma lead to a lot of problems in our life, and that is our struggle. Our plurality is just the way we are. It took too many years of fighting each other, but we've accepted that. Now, we try to work together to live a fulfilling life. We each have goals and aspirations, just like everyone else in the world. It's not easy, and we're not perfect. We're not special, either, and we're not alone. You're not alone. We hope sharing our experiences, failures, and successes with others can show that we are normal. There are more plurals out there then you might think- the internet has helped us meet many others. We are, like everyone else, looking for happiness. Whether you're plural or not, we hope you can see a bit of yourself in our experiences.