Jean Riseman

Jean is a polyfragmented multiple and a survivor of Satanic ritual abuse. Some of the cult members had connections to a child pornography ring where she was abused from grade school through her teens. They also arranged for her to be an experimental subject in a government/academic mind control project. She started to have flashbacks in her early fifties and slowly pieced together what had happened to her. Before then she had been deeply depressed, had no self-confidence, and felt totally alienated no matter who she was with. These symptoms progressively lessened as she dealt with her past. Looking back, the greatest miracle was that she did not pass along her abuse to her children and protected them from abuse from others. It gives her joy to see that it ended with her. A retired clinical social worker, Jean has volunteered in many different ways in the ritual abuse survivor community. Her website, lists resources about ritual abuse and healing. Her blog,, has information about the origin of some of the Satanic holidays and essays about topics like the link between ritual abuse and eating disorders and chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases. She uses her own life to illustrate these topics and shares what helped her on her healing path, as well as some of her artwork and poetry.