Requested Future Presentation Topics

Sessions without a Presenter

The below topics do not represent the range of topics we would like to see presented in the conference, it’s a preliminary list of requested topics from larger DID-centered groups, Q&A and closing ceremony questions, or that have been submitted by the community in various ways.

We accept topics related to all of plurality, not just traumatized plurals. We want a diversity in submissions including folk representing non-traumatized systems, concerns for the whole community, and topics which purposefully bridge the gaps in the community or help represent those underserved or underrepresented. Please don’t be shy about asking us whether your idea would work, and we’re more than happy to help brainstorm ways to make sessions more inclusive and interesting. Sessions are not limited to the below suggestions from the community, but these suggestions have not yet been claimed by a presenter:

  • Plurals in Love: Intra-System and System-to-System relationships. Panel or presentation — romance in reality, in fiction, culture, etc. Bashing the “narcissistic investment” BS, navigating relationships, plurals in polyam, plurals with singulars, etc. How does plurality change (or challenge) relationship styles? What possibilities are available exclusively to plurals vs. singulars when in love.
  • Readings from the community: giving voice to poignant articles from the community. (Crisses idea) (as a parallel for paper presentations?) — Several brief readings on related topics could be bundled into each presentation.
  • early intervention and what it should look like, how to educate primary carers, teachers and those in the medical field
  • Assistive Technology for Plurals — methods and means of assisting with internal communication, internal community, data/knowledge sharing, timekeeping/time management, etc. including any innovations or new methods/tools for managing a plural system.
  • Psychological & Physiological Differences between Members of Plural Systems — differences in comorbid mental health disorders, on medical tests, physiological disorders, sensory issues (different eyeglass prescriptions), medication responses or sensitivities to foods, etc.
  • Recent Advances in Trauma Therapy — through a lens of complementary medicine and adjunct options, what are the best in show tried-and-true lenses and perspectives, and most recent treatment breakthroughs in healing trauma (shamanic, polyvagal, ART, etc.) maybe also covers chakra topic below?:
  • The Chakra System Perspective of Trauma — viewing energy system injury and healing from an Ayurvedic point of view.
  • Experiences in Awakening — panel discussion of how different types of systems “figured out” that they’re plural.
  • What is Neuroplasticity and How to Use it — no description yet
  • Group and Community Facilitation — how to build stronger, healthier communities and groups that can self-police and empower one another. how to create healthy communities that are neither exclusionist nor so open as to invite problematic membership. (Crisses’ short reply:) empower community members. Don't strip members of their power. If everyone still can say "No" and walk away, and screen for issues, and mind their own boundaries you are a far more mature and capable community. The moment that someone strips power from members and hordes it at the top then they're open to exploitation, whether amongst the members themselves, or from the top.
  • teen system members living an adult life
  • less-frequent fronters?
  • how to tell your story


  • Headspace/inner worlds panel
  • parenting panel
  • fictive/nonhuman panel(s)
  • AMAB experiences panel

Other conference-expanding or additional event ideas

  • vendor area
  • art gallery
  • book festival
  • speaker coaching

Need to contact us?

Please let us know if you are definitely interested in presenting any of these topics, or if you have an idea for a presentation but cannot present on it. We will happily update the list.



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