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Plural Positivity World Conference

Plural Positivity World Conference 2024 event will take place 3rd week of May, 2024, specific dates to be announced later.

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It's Plural Acceptance Week! Plural: Plural is an umbrella term that may be used by all people who self identify as experiencing many. (www.powertotheplurals.com) #PluralPride Monday July 15th till Sunday 21th 2019. Plural Pride Day Saturday July 20th 2019.  Check www.pluralevents.org for more information!
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Welcome to the home of the Plural Positivity World Conference, Plural Pride Day, Plural Acceptance Week, and more.

Plural Events is an inclusive community base for grassroots activism and collaboration for all plural systems. Plurals are defined as anyone who identifies as many. Many people, many voices, many parts, many spirits, many alters, etc. We also welcome allies, supporters, partners, and sponsors.

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